SyncPRO Fully-Buffered DIMM shines into the new horizon of the industry enabling data bandwidth of 6.4 GB/s, a double from the current bottleneck of 3.2 GB/s.

Concord Idea Corp., an innovative manufacturer of memory modules, proudly presents its Fully-Buffered DIMM (FB-DIMM), designed for use in mission critical servers and performance workstations. FB-DIMM overcomes cycle latency issues, reliability issues and capacity limitations present in conventional memory. SyncPRO FB-DIMM is designed for the next-generation servers which demand a greater speed, capacity and reliability that cannot be met by conventional memory technology.

The Advanced Memory Buffered (AMB) chip on each FB-DIMM is the key to the performance. The chip acts as a repeater between the memory controller and the next module in the channel enabling a high-speed serial point-to-point communication.  The bi-directional serial interface sends and receives data simultaneously, eliminating read-to-write latencies compared to conventional memory.  Reliability is enhanced with reduced pin count design (69 versus 240 for conventional memory) and the AMB chip’s built-in error checking and correction function.  Finally, capacity barriers are broken with the availability of 6 channels with 8 DIMMs each, for a total capacity of 192GB per memory controller.

The quality of SyncPRO FB-DIMM is guaranteed by the King Tiger Technology’s FBDIMM KT-2P memory tester, which is currently the only full featured FB-DIMM tester in the market.  It is capable of running all FB-DIMM test modes, from MBIST, IBIST, TPA including DA mode in a single test insertion. Such capability allows Concord Idea to fully exercise and rigorously test SyncPRO  FB-DIMM products to ensure the delivery of consistent quality modules required by server and workstation environments.




Our SyncPro fully buffered DIMM can fully support
Apple's new generations of MacPro computer.

SyncPRO  FB-DIMM specifications:

  • High speed data transfer rate with 533, 667 or 800 Mbps DDR2 components
  • 1.8 Volt module operation
  • 240-pin DIMM with only 69 active pins
  • Unique channel architecture.  Up to 6 channels with 8 DIMMs each.
  • Lower sustained latency
  • Higher sustained throughput with a peak of 6.4 GB/s

Please refer to the Product Specification page for details.