SyncPRO features in using Elpida chips that are graded at Full Specification standard by the KingTiger™ testing solution.

SyncPRO flies in speed at low latency and supports extensive overclocking. The timings of the chips dictate the behavior of a module. SyncPRO chips are screened, graded and grouped to the closest characteristics maximizing, the performance of unleashing the full power of dual channel in DDR2 as well as supporting the shortest data access time. 

The quality spirit of Concord Idea continues to assure that each and every module is being tested before shipping. Reliability is for sure. We aim to achieve the lowest RMA rate and offer our customers life-time warranty. When you purchase SyncPRO, you see the confidence in it.

Together with our state-of-the-art quality control process, SyncPRO delivers the peace-of-mind that customers are longing for. It achieves high compatibility with all common motherboards, virtually eliminated the synchronization issue between the mother boards and the memory modules.

When you buy SyncPRO :

Full-Specification chips starts the reliability of SyncPRO

In Concord Idea, we believe that quality must be kept at every steps of our production process. The quality of SyncPRO does not start at the module level. It begins even before each and every module is made. The chips are UTT chips graded by the KingTiger ™ tester, so that they meet the full specification standard from the wafer. All memory chips have to gone through a 4-steps testing process before assembled into modules. These four steps include logical test, BTT™ test and multi-level programming test on mother boards. The pre-production screening of each and every memory chip ensures that only top full-specification chips are selected to make SyncPRO modules.

When you buy SyncPRO, you buy the reliability that is built into it.

SyncPRO delivers speed with Low Latency and supports extreme overclocking

Concord Idea works closely with our supplier partner. Starting with the design process, we worked with Elpida, studying their latest high performance products. We know the performance characteristics of the chips in great details and maximize its potential in our own designs.

We work closely with our test equipment partner. Using King Tiger Technology’s most advanced KT2-P tester, we perform 100% incoming tests on all of our chips. Our comprehensive in-house process tests, grades, and sorts each chip to determine their performance characteristics. We only use chips that are matched in the access timing window to make modules. Modules built with these finely matched ICs perform much better and more reliably than mixed lots.

We are pleased to produce modules with low latency that immediate performance boost on top of an overclocking environment. For example we can mass produce DDR2 800Mhz modules with a latency of CL4. SyncPRO satisfies the most extreme speed enthusiasts.

When you buy SyncPRO, you are buying the speed within it.

Full-Specification Chips assure motherboard compatibility  

The fact that SyncPRO uses chips that are fully conformed to original manufacturer specifications. Full-specification chips have the advantage of consistency in the timing window enabling good synchronization among chips used on the same module. Synchronization makes smooth communication between the memory module and the mother board.

Concord Idea is equipped with state-of the-art testing equipment allowing made-to-order for a specific mother board. Customer is welcome to specify what motherboard they need to be conformed to and Concord Idea can tailor made the modules. This will definitely ensure full compatibility and as a result a low RMA rate.

When you buy SyncPRO, you are buying the compatibility across platforms.