SyncMAX Expectation

SyncMAX: – delivers value at PAR (Price, Availability, Re-engineering)
SyncMAX continues Concord’s tradition of delivering DRAM modules at a low price/performance ratio. SyncMAX believes that memory module, one of the core components in today’s PC architecture, should be made available in general to the public at a lower price. It should not be limited to a few manufacturers confining the choices of end-users.

SyncMAX’s internal DRAM-chip grading technology, the Kingtiger ™ solution allows the re-engineering of the use of EFT chips. Each and every chip is tested and graded according to its capacity, speed and latency before make a module.

SyncMAX keeps modules in good quality by thoroughly testing each and every module before shipping. SyncMAX is committed to build quality memory modules at low cost. When you purchase SyncMAX memory modules, you purchase the commitment behind it.

When you buy SyncMAX :

SyncMAX Memory Modules are BTT ™ proven

Every SyncMAX memory module has gone through a thorough testing process to ensure that it is fault free. We have accumulated numerous years of experience in memory testing. Besides motherboard testing, we employ the King Tiger Test System™, which has a better fault coverage than any other common memory testers available in the industry. The King Tiger tester is designed to identify behavioral failures in addition to logical and parametric failures of memory modules.

  SyncMAX Memory Modules Other Memory Modules
Parametric Test

Logical Test

Behavioral Test

Behavioral Test Technology (BTT™) is a revolutionary, patented technology proven world wide. It can identify memory malfunctions that escape usual testing methods. On the SyncMAX production line, we use BTT™ to test and identify problems in chips and memory modules that may have passed every usual manufacturing test, but which can still fail in normal use.

The BTT ™ technology allows Concord idea to deliver quality modules at a low price

Do you know what failures can there be on a memory modules?

Behavior Failure Failed at least on 1 PC mother board or applications
Logical Failure Open/Short, Hard/Soft Fall
Parametric Failure ICC, Leakage, Setup/Hold time, Voltage, Refresh

 When you buy SyncMAX, you buy the innovation behind it.

SyncMAX Memory Modules are motherboard tested

Each and every SyncMAX memory modules are tested with a motherboard through the King Tiger Test System™  ensuring compatibility to chipsets. The system supports up to three different mother boards and allows highest level of test correlation currently available in the industry.

All memory modules are automatically screened by the King Tiger Test System™  tester. But Concord Idea continues with an extra step to ensure the quality of SyncMAX by physically plugging each and every memory modules into motherboards for a final check before shipping to customers. The motherboards used are current models assuring up-to-date compatibility. We are proud of all these innovations and commitment that come behind SyncMAX

When you buy SyncMAX, you buy the compatibility behind it.

SyncMAX is cost-effectively produced

Many manufacturers of memory devices first test the devices on a traditional Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) and then assemble them into modules. They then test for opens and shorts on one tester, run functional testing on another tester, and subsequently, do compatibility testing on a motherboard. SyncMAX is more cost effectively produced by combining all of the steps into one procedure performed on one tester. The in-house developed automated process offers high throughput with superior quality control because there is less handling by operators and fewer steps in the testing process.

When you buy SyncMAX, you are NOT paying more for the quality.