Express Expecation
How was SyncMAX Express able to exceed industry expectations?

We work closely with our supplier partner. Starting with the design process, we worked with Elpida, studying their latest high performance products. By working closely, we know the performance characteristics of the products in great detail, which we can then incorporate and maximize its potential in our own designs.

We work closely with our test equipment partner. Using King Tiger Technology’s most advanced KT2-P tester, we perform 100% incoming tests on all our chips. Our comprehensive in-house process tests, grades, and sorts each chip to determine their performance characteristics. We then group similar products to build into similar classes of modules. Modules built with these finely matched ICs perform much better and more reliably than mixed lots as used by other manufacturers.

We listen to what our customers performance needs are. For example, we work with one group of customers who requested that performance increases must not come at the expense of exceeding manufacturer’s specs. We also worked with another group of customers who require the utmost in performance. As a result, we are pleased to be able offer our SyncMAX 533Express and 667Express for the first group, while for the second group of customers, our SyncMAX 800Express will satisfy even the most extreme enthusiasts.

Finally due to our supply partnership and our testing expertise, we are able to build them in volume thereby delivering a competitively priced product to the market. Customers no longer have to pay the exorbitant prices currently charged by low volume specialty suppliers.

SyncMAX Express - delivering tomorrow’s performance standards – today !
What are the benefits of using SyncMAX Express?