Latest DDR3 So-DIMM

Concord Idea Corp., an innovative manufacturer and distributor of memory modules is , proud to present its latest DDR3 So-DIMM, specifically designed for use in laptop applications. The SyncMAX So-DIMM is targeted for the next-generation laptop which demands greater speeds, capacity and reliability that cannot be met by conventional memory technology.

SyncMAX 2GB 1066MHz So-DIMM modules features 7-7-7 timing at low 1.5V to ensure minimal power consumptionlevels. Available with up to 4GB (2x2048MB) dual channel configurations, the SyncMAX modules will maximize productivity when used with the latest games, programs, and operating systems. SyncMAX DDR3 So-DIMMs are built to provide optimal compatibility by using the highest quality components and using the most sophisticated testing available to deliver exceptional system performance.

The quality of SyncMAX So-DIMM is guaranteed by the KingTiger Technology’s SoDIMM KT-3P memory tester, which is the only full featured So-DIMM tester currently available in the market.


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